Australian Wife Dies with Baby in Bangkok

Police reported Wednesday morning that the wife of an Australian man jumped from the ninth-floor condo in Bangkok’s Pathumwan district with her baby, 8 months old.

The horrendous incident occurred in Bangkok at 6.30 a.m.

The bodies of a Thai mother and her baby were discovered on the second floor of the condo building at Soi Mahatlek Luang 3. The baby was dressed in blue and white clothing while the woman was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Police say the woman, aged 37, and her baby of 8 months lived on the third floor with her Australian husband.

A police source said that the couple had been fighting and the woman carrying her baby to the ninth story in anger jumped. Police discovered medication for stress and depression in the room of the couple.

They continued to question her Australian husband.

Pranaiya Olapathorn was the woman who died. According to media reports, she was the owner of a diamond company. According to media reports, she graduated from Oxford University in 2017 and married an Oxford friend in 2017.

A German man was shot in the head last week in Patong, Phuket. He is believed to have committed suicide, according to police.

A doctor and police went to the Amata Patong Hotel in search of the suspect. The 41-year-old German man was found dead in his bed on the 827th floor, room No.

According to the investigator, there was a gunshot injury to the head of the man. A 9mm Kahr pistol bullet had entered the man’s head through the right temple and left side. The pistol was still in his right hand.

His German passport was also taken by police along with a letter in which he complained about a Thai woman. He also asked for his belongings to be sent to his family. Also, a number of anti-depressants were found.

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